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Best Automotive Artists

Best Automotive Artists

Top 10 best automotive artists that create passion, insight, and awe in the automotive industry.


The following are not ranked in any way, just a list of very talented automotive artists that will leave a smile on your face and the desire for more wall space. 

Michael Irvine- All of the original pieces are watercolor paintings with "high impact colors or muted tones" that focus on Mopar, Ford, and GM. The pieces are available in limited edition prints, artist proofs with custom remarque, and our favorite, the gallery edition canvases.  Each piece is able to transport the viewer to a specific place and time and would look amazing wherever you place it. 


Photo Credit From MichaelIrvine.com


Shin Yoshikawa- With over 40 years of drawing cutaways he is one of the best cutaway artists in the business. Guaranteed you have already seen some of his beautifully detailed work. He focuses on the "car's particularly of the body design, frame, and mechanics with black ink." His prints are available in a number of different sizes and are really inexpensive. As I'm writing this article I'm filling up my shopping cart on their website... 


Photo Credit from Kai Art Webpage


Paul Chenard- is able to make you feel like you are a spectator in the stands watching an epic racing battle unfold. His artwork is some of the most unique we have ever seen. You can typically find Paul at an auto event with his sketch pad in hand. Sketching diligently as he sits in front of a beautiful classic.


Photo Credit Twitter


Kevin Hulsey- is an artist, illustrator, and photographer. "He works in various mediums including oils, acrylics, airbrush, computer graphics and digital photography in both fine and commercial art." Kevin is another very talented artist when it comes to cutaway or "ghosted" artwork. Again you have most likely seen his work without knowing it!


Photo Credit Khulsey.com


Darshan Zenith- creates "feel good art and it always evokes a warm positive response -- usually an audible "neat" or "cool" interspersed with frequent "awesomes"! The artwork is called Cruiser Art and one glance certainly evokes the above responses from us. Steve Rummel is the business side of Cruiser Art and together they offer canvas, matted, and framed prints via their website. 


Photo Credit Cruiserart.com


Larry Grossman- Creates "innovative digital art which combines his love of cars and architecture and his passion for the styles of the 1920’s-50’s". The end result is placing the viewer into a time machine that takes one back to the "classic" period! If you are like us and love everything from this period, Larry's artwork is sure to please.


Photo Credit Retrovisions.com


Michael Turner- Are you an F1 fan? Do you remember the race winning McLaren M1B team? Mr. Turner designed the team logo as well as designing the color scheme for its first Formula One car. The posters he created for the F1 industry are most notable and bring us back to a time of some of Formula One's most notable history. 


Photo Credit Studio88.co.uk


Garry Hill- Is most notable when it comes to fine art in the NASCAR community. His art captures some of the most notable moments in NASCAR history with paintings being commissioned by many of the NASCAR greats!  


Photo Credit Garryhill.com


David Carl Peters- "has graphically designed cars for the biggest names in the Sports Drag Racing" He is also probably the unknown artists in this list with yet one of the biggest impacts. "His influence has spread from the model car industry to Die-casts, from Show-cars to Hot Rods, from boats to bikes, from planes to trucks and big rigs, from complete team layouts to racing apparel, to jet and water skies, video, and CD covers. We love his work and can't wait to see what he does with his aviation art as well.


Photo Credit Dragracingartist.com

Hugo Prado- "works in acrylic and watercolors sprayed through the airbrush, Hugo also uses technical pens to bring sharp detail to the final painting." His artwork is clean and simple and yet captures the most intimate details of vehicles. We suggest following his Facebook page to see his most recent paintings! 


Photo Credit Hugo's FB Page

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