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Top 10 Decorating Ideas For The Garage Auto Enthusiast

Top 10 Decorating Ideas For The Garage Auto Enthusiast

When it comes to garage decor here are the 10 best products that we know of to do it with! They range from inexpensive to expensive, but each is unique and worth looking at! 


Most of these are designed to hang on the wall, which is great because we typically need the floor space for our pride and joy! 

Decorating ideas for the garage metal sign

    1. Good ole fashion Tin Signs! You can find these things just about anywhere, in any size, and for any interest, you may have.  Best of all they are usually pretty cheap so you can load up on them. There are even collectors of original pieces (not so cheap) of brands that are still around today, and ones that disappeared long ago. You can google search your own, find them on Amazon or eBay, or check out a few of these links. http://www.retroplanet.com/CTGY/Gas-Oil-Garage-Wall-Decor.html or http://www.asimplertime.com
    2. Neon Signs, what's a garage without a neon sign glowing on the wall? First, though, how exactly do they work? Neon signs are made of glass tubes that have been filled with a gas and bent into the shape of letters or decorative designs. When a high-voltage electrical current is passed through the gas, the tubes emit light. You can find standard signs all of the internet on amazon, Etsy, and eBay for between 25-150 bucks. We like personalization so we would suggest https://www.neonsignsusa.com. You can design your own and they will quote it for free! Custom Neon Signs
    3. Painting's or Prints, notice how we didn't say posters! Please don't ruin your walls and the overall look of your garage with cheap posters. At the very least put them in a frame! People forget regularly that some of the most talented artists out there are in the automotive world. Most of us might not be able to afford the originals, but we certainly can buy the prints. Simply google search for wherever your interest may be, and add artwork to the search term.  Our other suggestion is to try contacting the artists themselves and buying directly. You may pay less and even get a signed copy! One of our personal favorites is Paul Chenard. https://www.historiccarart.net/artist/view/paul-chenard/Paul Chenard
    4. Race Track Cutouts, these things are seriously awesome. There are a couple of companies right now that produce them and each does a spectacular job. Basically, you can buy any race track layout you desire and it comes ready to hang on the wall. http://linearedge.com (they offer 3d wooden tracks which are amazing) http://www.tracksculptures.com (offer wooden tracks along with awesome track maps) https://www.plasma-tracks.com (metal cut out race tracks) Track Art
    5. Laser Engraved Blueprint Artwork, think your car, blueprint, and laser engraved on different materials. These are by far our favorite since, after all, we are the ones who make them. You get to personalize the pieces with your specific vehicle information such as vins, colors, names, and even mods. We even offer LED ones that the engraved areas light up! www.engravedblueprintart.comLaser Engraved Blueprint Art
    6. Car Parts, if you do your own work we bet you probably have some stuff lying around that can be turned into art! We have seen all types of things used to decorate a garage. How about that OEM hood, original exhaust system? Perhaps you have a set of race slicks that could be hung on the wall when not in use! Use your imagination or check Pinterest for some great ideas.    Pinterest Photo Of Car Part Art
    7. Automotive Themed Furniture, there are some seriously cool items out there in this department. Check out http://www.carfurniture.com or http://www.carguygarage.com for everything from engine tables to Ferrari race seat chairs. If you are handy you can make a lot of this stuff on your own! Either way, your friends will be in awe when they are over for a beer! Porsche Engine Table
    8. Speaking of beer, your fridge or kegerator can be considered garage decor that is also functional! Design your own with custom paint or decals, or have a custom one built by another company. This Woody themed one is from http://www.craigerator.comWoody Themed Kegerator
    9. Lighting, easily forgotten, except when you are sitting in the dark. Lot's of options out there, but the serious have moved to LED-based solutions. You can change up the colors, intensity and even mode! Photo from Pinterest
    10. Models, all the cars you have had, the ones you will have, and the ones you wish you did! From beautiful die-cast models to ones you put together yourself. They make great decor for any garage. Photo from Pinterest


Do you have other decorating ideas you wish to share? Please comment bellow we would love to hear them. Even better send us photos of your garage! 







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