Engraved Blueprint Art

Our Story

Engraved Blueprint Art is owned and operated by a small laser engraving business that is family run and veteran-owned. The company is run by Kit Dumph and Becky Dumph, a young couple with dreams of sailing the seven seas and experiencing life to the fullest.
Engraved blueprint art started as Kit's niche as he loves drawing the cars, engines, military vehicles, and others to the minute detail. 
"Since a child, I was always fascinated by the design, artistry, and dedication it took to build the things around us. Specifically in vehicles, buildings, and airplanes. A blueprint or patent drawing could hold my attention for hours even at a young age as I marveled at the complexity that is turned into simplistic with these drawings. Sketchpad and ruler in hand, I'd draw my own or try to recreate others."
Once we started the laser engraving business, Kit couldn't resist creating a blueprint drawing of one of his favorite cars to be engraved on a beautiful piece of alder wood. He spent hours drawing the engine, and different views of a Ferrari 360 to perfection. Once engraved, painted, and framed he posted it up to a Ferrari Forum and was stunned when people started asking for a price. It had never really occurred to us to create art, nor that Kit could draw and engrave what he loved and make a living at it! 
Now fast forward a little these drawings started to take on a nature of their own. Utilizing a wacom digital sketch pad, reference photos, and what Kit claims to be his small amount of artistic skill the art is drawn by hand on the computer. Once the art is completed, the data is uploaded into the engraver and the laser goes to work. The end result is something amazing as regular blueprints are turned into one of a kind art that will last generations.
This is the response we got from the very first piece of art we sold
"The first thing people do when they walk into the room is go directly to the art, exclaim wow, then wow again when they notice it's actually engraved, and then ask me where I got it!"
We knew at this point where our efforts would be focused, and low and behold it's also where Kit's passion lies! 
The company itself is rather young, but we have experienced enormous growth and plan to continue in expanding product lines and enhancing the customer's experience. We have come to realize that one lets people know a lot about them just from the art they hang on the wall. We are extremely pleased to be part of that!
Please feel free to contact us with questions, advice, comments, or anything else! 
Email: info@engravedblueprintart.com
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