Engraved Blueprint Art

Full Custom Laser Engraved Blueprint Art

Looking for a completely custom piece of laser engraved blueprint art? Then please check out this quick guide for pricing and send us an email! 

Laser Engraved Custom Blueprint Artwork Information Sheet

We love doing custom work! So in an effort to streamline things this guide sheet will let you know what we need from you and the associated prices!

When doing custom artwork it’s imperative that we get the correct view and angle to draw from. This requires you to take some photos! The better resolution and quality of the photo the better detail we can capture.

Minimum photo recommendations: 1024 X 768 (most new smartphones put out better resolution) In a pinch we can work with slightly lower though.

Correct photo angles and pricing.


Top views or birds eye views are typically much harder to get for obvious reasons. If you can get a photo that will work, great! If not we will work with you on editing a stock version by free hand. Not the preferred method, but sometimes the only option.

Custom Engines are another difficult one. Unless you have a photo of your custom engine like the one above, we will not be able to draw it (would take us months!). We suggest just adding in text to annotate the modifications. Or providing us with part pictures, such as a turbo to incorporate into the artwork.


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