Engraved Blueprint Art

How Your Artwork Is Created

This page is about how we create your artwork from a simple photo to the engraved piece on your wall.

Step 1
Photos are taken, supplied by the customer, or found on the internet for reference. In this case an old brochure photo was used for reference.
Step 2
The photos are then redrawn digitally in a vector format by hand using a Wacom Tablet (looks like a big touch pad with a digital stylus). Details are added and the art vectorized.
Step 3
Extensive research is done on the vehicle and customer imputes are taken as well. Specifications, modifications, and anything else the customer would like to add are drawn onto the the proof. 
Step 4
The proof is sent to the customer to ensure all text and drawings are correct.
Step 5
Anodized Aluminum pieces can then be loaded directly into the laser engraver or HD laser printer without further work. 
Step 6
Expanded PVC backing is applied to the aluminum.
Artwork is framed and wire hangers added.
Artwork is shipped in our custom engraved and branded boxes 
Additional steps for wood and acrylic.
Step 7 (acrylic)
Once engraved, a special acrylic paint is applied to the engraved areas. This gives greater contrast and more customization with different colors. 
Artwork is then framed using a custom cut metal frame that includes hangers and wire. 
     Step 5 (wood)
    Cherry hardwood is hand selected (different woods can be used on special request)
    Wood is cut to size, planed down, and glued together. 
    Wood is then hand sanded to a smooth finish
    4-6 coats of polyurethane finish are applied.
      Step 6
      Wood is covered with masking paper
      Wood is then placed in the laser engraver and engraved.
        Step 7
        Artwork must now be paint filled with special paint.
        Once paint is dry the mask is removed
        Any paint bleed is removed
        Artwork receives one more coat of polyurethane to lock in the paint