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In search of the facts! BMW Engine Info

In search of the facts! BMW Engine Info

        Not only does our car art take a ton of time to draw, there is also a ton of research that has to be completed. We end up sorting through a lot of sources from forum postings, manuals, websites, brochures and more. In the past we have completed the project without regard to the wealth of information we had accumulated and simply moved onto the next thing. Then it dawned on us, why the heck aren't we sending this information out into the world for an easy reference for people who might not know where it was? For now on we are going to "cite" our work with these blog postings titled "In search of the facts" that will coincide with the engraved art we will be releasing! Please if you have more info, or links leave a comment and let everyone benefit.


First up is for the new BMW M3s and M4's that have the S55 engine in them. Pretty exciting in general that BMW is offering this twin turbo monster. In drawing this engine blueprint up here are the sources we used and came across.


Very useful thread with Complete F80 M3 / F82 M4 technical docs and S55 engine technical doc.



Great overall article



Standard wiki stuff



Great Post on BMW Engine Weights






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