Engraved Blueprint Art

Group Buys

We love doing group buys, and if you are willing to do the leg work to set one up we think you should get a discount or even a piece of artwork for FREE! 

How It Works

  1. Choose the make & model you would like the group buy to be for
  2. We will offer 15% off for any group buy with more than 10 orders.
  3. You personally will get 2% off additionally for each additional order past 10 up to 100% off! *** Good for any 24"X18" piece***
  4. Share the deal with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Forums, and anywhere else people might be interested!
  5. Once you have 10 people ordering, we will create a specific discount code for everyone to use! 
  6. Email us directly with any questions or when you are ready to start the group buy! info@engravedblueprintart.com


Q: Is there additional discounts if we have more than 10 people order? 

A: Not for the group. If you set up the group buy though you get 2% off per each additional order over 10. 

Q: Does it all have to be one type of model & generation?

A: Yes & Yes. Using the Chevrolet CAMARO as an example. A group buy can consist of a 5th generation CAMARO and all the available trims such as RS, SS, Z28, ZL1... 

Q: Does it matter if people would like different sizes and or material types in the group buy?

A: Not at all! 

Q: Some people have custom vehicles such as non-stock wheels, engines, and body work, can you do this?

A: Yes, but it does cost extra. Please look at our custom page for additional pricing and what we need. https://engravedblueprintart.com/pages/commission-laser-engraved-blueprint-art

Q: Can I set up more than one group buy? 

A: Absolutely! 

Q: Will each member of the group buy get a proof to review?

A: Absolutely!