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North American T-28 Trojan

North American T-28 Trojan

Engraved Blueprint Art Salutes a War Hero

We always enjoy saluting those American Heroes out there who do their part to keep this country free. While there are many ways to say thank you to these brave men and women, we at Engraved Blueprint Art are honored to use the talents that we have been given to salute two brave War veterans with a unique story to tell.  

Who is Peter Keelan?
This former Air Force pilot became a Warbird enthusiast while serving our country during the Gulf War. Following his service in the Air Force, this pilot turned business professional began to relive his glory days by becoming a Warbird collector.

Meet the Latest in the Keelan Warbird Collection.
While Keelan has continued to collect a variety of historic aviation over the years, we were honored when he contacted us to create a unique blueprint of the latest addition to his collection – The North American Aviation T-28B Trojan. This piston-engineered Warbird was once used by the United States Armed Forces in both the 1950s as well as into the early 1980s to train both Navy and Air Force pilots. Keelan’s privately owned Trojan war collectible, which took him a year to find, was built in 1955 and has a Wright R-1820-86 radial piston engine, which can produce up to 1,425 HP and a top speed of 343 MPH. Along with being a powerful Warbird the T-28B is also an incredibly rare collector’s item, with less than 2,000 produced.

Why the T-28B Trojan?
Out of all the collector’s items that this pilot can accumulate why did he choose this rare bird? After a national search and spending time at various airshows across the country in the early 2000’s, Keelan came across the 1992 Oshkosh Grand Champion Warbird near his home. After finding the newly restored T-28B Trojan, Keelan knew that it was love at first site. While he didn’t have an opportunity to pilot the T-28B during his time in service, this unique piece of history quickly became his passion. After finding out that the Warbird also received several restoration awards, Keelan knew that he was meant to take a new adventure.

One War Veteran Honors Another….
After a year of searching, Keelan was finally united with his dream machine. So how did he decide to honor his fellow war veteran? After taking their first few flights together, Keelan contacted Engraved Blueprint Art and asked us to bring his T28’s story to life with one of our customized engravings. Although this plane took years to build we were honored to bring its story to life in only two weeks. This engraving now hangs in the Keelan’s office where he dreams of each and every flight that he will continue to take in this majestic Warbird.

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