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Gifts for car lovers can be a daunting task, but our guide is here to make it easy!

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Why "car lovers" are hard to shop for!  

As car enthusiasts ourselves we know that we can be a tad bit difficult to buy cool car gifts for. We can be particular, very particular about our car passions! That's why we decided to create this guide to give you gift ideas for car guys and gals! The listings below are cool automotive gifts that we would love to receive ourselves. We are not getting paid to list these products or services in any way!

1. Personalized Laser Marked Car Blueprint Art

a unique gifts for car lovers, blueprint art

Yes, we are biased because we make these, but they are hard to beat as a car gift! We can draw any car, personalize the art with names, VINs, and even draw car modifications. We offer them in multiple sizes and materials making it truly one of the best car gifts out there. Each order receives a detailed digital proof before it goes on the machine as well.

Prices start at $275 and go up from there depending on size and material type.

2. Driving Gloves

driving gloves are the perfect gifts for car lover boyfriend

Driving gloves are meant to enhance the driving experience. They not only keep filthy hands off the steering wheel that is probably filthy as well, but they provide extra grip when entering those hairpin turns with enough speed to make the tires chirp. Driving gloves can also prevent a hand from slipping off a gear shift when the driver has more pressing things to focus on! Loved by racers, secret agents, and people who don't like germs or cold hands, gloves make for one of our favorite car related gifts.

Prices range from $20 to $200 dollars depending on brand and quality.

3. Open Track Day Ticket

The majority or race tracks around the world offer what they call open track days or lapping days. This means you can purchase a ticket to take your car, or even at some tracks rent a race car, and spend full or half days with no speed limits or speeding tickets! It's a fun way to challenge the driver, imporve their skills, and have a great time in a controlled and safe enviroment!

You can find local tracks near you by using by clicking here: Race Track Locator

Most tracks offer day passes, prepaid discount punch cards, season passes and best of all gift certificates! Gifts for car guys and gals just got a whole lot easier!

Prices range from $50 to $300 dollars depending on the track.

4. Diecast Model

Die Cast Car Model are unique gifts for car lovers

It's a smaller version of the real vehicle that your car lover has a passion for! Typically made using a zinc alloy they include many diecast, plastic and rubber components with opening doors, hoods, and trunks along with functional steering wheels which turn the front wheels. These collectible diecast model cars all feature very nicely rendered interior details and often include nicely appointed and wired engines underneath the hood. Many even include a working suspension system.

If you are looking for simple gift ideas for car lovers, a die cast model is hard to beat! Sometimes you can even find great deals on eBay for the exact model you want to gift.

Prices range from $20 to $500 dollars depending on quality and scale of model.  

5. Auto Detailing Kit

Does the above video remind you of someone? Perhaps that auto enthusiast that you are trying to buy a gift for who does the same? Auto detailing kits make for some of the best gifts for new car owners and old ones alike. We love Adam's Polishes and the multiple kits they offer. You can also typically find other name brand kits like Meguiar's or Armor All at your local Walmart or auto parts store.

Prices range from $50 to $1000 dollars depending on brand and number of items in the kit.  

Check out Adam's Polishes or your local auto parts store such as NAPA.

6. Racing Video Games

cool car gifts include racing video games

Unless you have Jay Leno's car collection, owning, driving, and enjoying hundreds of cars is impossible. Driving simulator games make this possible though. With today's graphics and gameplay experience, the driver feels and get's to enjoy just about any car imaginable. Add in a racing simulator cockpit that includes racing seat, adjustable steering wheels, pedals, and gear shifter and the auto enthusiast can enjoy ever car, every track, from the comfort of the living room! Some of our favorite game titles include the Forza series for Xbox and Gran Turismo for Playstation.

Prices range from $35 to $70

Best Buy or at your local Game Stop!

7. Portable Car Lift

What do all car enthusiasts have in common? They like to turn a wrench from time to time. Perhaps it's just changing the oil or a ground-up restoration. Either way, you almost always need an easy way to get under the car. Most garages do not have the room for a massive 2 or 4 post lift system, and that's why we LOVE QuickJack! They are portable, easy to store, easy to set up, and safe. If you are still looking for presents for a car lover at this point in the guide, they will love this one!

Prices range from $1,100 to $1,700 depending on weight capacity.

8. Jump Starter Power Pack

christmas gifts for car lovers could be a jump start battery

One thing that hasn't changed is how we start our cars. This requires power, and when their battery is dead, and no one near to help jump it these little powerpacks are just the thing. Lithium battery technology has come a long way, only one of these power packs will jump-start a large engine up to 20 times while still fitting in the glove compartment! This is one of those gifts for car owners that they will happily think of you next time they have to use it!

Prices range from $50 to $150 depending on amps needed.

9. Rexing Dash Camera

As the roads get more and more crowded, accidents do happen. Dash cameras are capable of detecting crashes, saving the video, and then can later be used for insurance or police investigations. This makes solving these issues easy. They also can be used to analyze track days, and improve your own driving skills. Having used the Rexing V1 we can happily suggest as a great gift for any car enthusiast!

Prices range from $100 to $300 depending on brand/model.

10. Custom Design Gas Can

custom gas can car gift

These custom designed gas cans are one of our favorites and make for a car gift they will love. Once you order Motorcity Hardware will get in touch with you about what you would like in your design. Then they will create the design and even send you a preview for your approval or changes. They also have some other very cool gifts your car guy or gal would love.

Price 45$

11. Mag-Pad Magnetic Tool Holder

Ever here shouts and obscenities coming from your garage? Well, your car lover might not be in so much in love with the car at the moment as they just dropped that 10mm socket into the bowls of the engine bay. The Mag-Pad solves this problem with a conforming pad that is magnetic to hold tools anywhere. They are veteran owned and made in America which makes us love this product even more!

Price 39.95$