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Dodge Chargers And Hemi's!

Dodge Chargers And Hemi's!

Alright Dodge and Mopar fans, I am moving onto to American muscle this month and going to focus on building our car art collection for Dodge this month. We started with the newest Viper (still have a few more generations to draw) and now I'm working on the Charger. More specifically the SRT Hellcat. 707 Horsepower in a 4 door car seems just right to me and I love it. I have loved drawing up this Hemi as well. I plan on doing some of the older chargers as well, but figured I'd start with the new Hellcat! So If you don't see your Charger in our Engraved Blueprint Collection area let me know and I can get it drawn up for you. 


Here is a list of links to specs and some pretty great reads on the Charger.






More Hemi Specific info






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Mar 02, 2017 • Posted by Barbie Payton

Hi! Tour blue print drawing is amazing! I am looking for this exact (HellCat) blue print for my brother. He is a mechanic for Chrysler/Dodge going on 20 years. Do you hahave be this as a vector file? If so, could I get it/purchase it from you. Thank you!

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