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Piper Comanche PA 24-250

Piper Comanche PA 24-250

Engraved Blueprint Art Brings History to Life for Aviation Enthusiast

While we spend most of our days creating blueprint artwork that highlight cars, engines and military vehicles it is always fun to step away from our comfort zone to bring a piece of American aviation history back to life.

We recently had an opportunity to assist an aviation enthusiast in highlighting his “pride and joy” – a Piper Comanche PA 24-250 and we sat down with this customer to find out why he fell in love with this old-school single engine aircraft.

How did Adolfo Ortiz become an aviation enthusiast?
Adolfo Ortiz grew up in New York and spent much of his youth fascinated by the freedom that came with flying. After spending years serving in the Navy regularly servicing naval aircraft, Ortiz’s interest in aviation took off.

When did our friend find his wings?
In 1985, Ortiz retired from the Navy and decided to venture to somewhere where the weather is both warmer and a bit more friendly for regular flying adventures – Southern California. After which Ortiz began taking regular flying lessons and seeking his “dream machine”.  It wouldn’t be long before Ortiz was enjoying the blue skies front and center in a 1956 Piper Comanche PA 24-250.

How did the Piper Comanche PA 24-250 find fame?
Like many automotive enthusiasts who have a passion for those powerful, old school muscle cars, when this aviation enthusiast decided that it was time to find his flying machine Ortiz took the time to locate a travel companion that would fit his personality. As a Navy veteran, Ortiz kept his eyes peeled for a historically significant personalized aircraft and was eventually paired with the 250 HP (189 MPH) Piper Comanche PA 24-250.

After being introduced to the public in 1958, less than 5,000 of these 25-foot personalized aircrafts were produced in its 15-year history. This light aircraft became the core of the Piper Aircraft line-up until 1972 when the production lines for both the Piper Comanche and its sister aircraft the Twin Comanche were wiped out by flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes.

How did Ortiz decide to honor his “dream ride”?
After spending several years with his restored Piper Comanche PA 24-250, Ortiz decided that it was time to do something to honor a piece of history that made his boyhood dream come true.

After a little bit of thought and research, Ortiz found Engraved Blue Print Art and asked us to do our part to bring out the majesty of this piece of American history with a hand-drawn blue print.

How did we bring history to life?
By simply sending Engraved Blueprint Art a request as well as a few photos of his dream ride, our team was able to begin a detailed vector drawing of the Piper Comanche PA 24-250.

After, our team went to work to research the specifics about this unique personalized aircraft and the proof was approved, Ortiz’s aircraft dream came to life during the laser engraving process (https://youtu.be/uSUh46A68MI).

Now, Ortiz enjoys returning from his relaxing family trips to Catalina Island and Big Bear Mountain to sit in his office and daydream about how such a famed piece of personal aircraft made all his dreams come true.

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